• In accordance with § 42 and § 43 of Act No. 30/2024 Coll., on motor vehicle liability insurance, the Czech Insurers' Bureau operates an information centre.
  • The main function of the information centre is to identify, store and provide selected data to victims:
      - about insurers who contracted third-party liability insurance for vehicles registered in the Czech Republic and about this insurance,
      - the claims representatives appointed by insurers authorised to provide third-party liability insurance in the Czech Republic for other Member States of the European Economic Area.

  • The data concerning vehicles registered in the Member States of the European Economic Area other than the Czech Republic are collected by the Czech Insurers' Bureau through the information centres of those Member States.

  • Beneficiaries entitled to claims settlement for damages resulting from a road accident may, through the Czech Insurers' Bureau's information centre located on its website, obtain the information necessary to contact the MTPL insurer of the party causing the accident vehicle, its claims representative, correspondence partner or other competent body. The Czech Insurers' Bureau provides other statutory data to authorised persons for their protection only after verification of the identity of the applicant.

  • The information is provided by the Czech Insurers' Bureau to damaged parties residing or having their registered office in the Czech Republic or in another Member State upon their request, in which they provide the data necessary to identify the vehicle which caused the road accident or to identify the loss, no later than 7 years from the date of the loss.

Contact to the Information centre of the Czech Insurers’ Bureau:
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